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Start or watch unlimited free live streams and earn money!

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What is SmoochLive?

SmoochLIVE is the Best new way to engage and interact with real people over live video

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smooch live

Make New Friends

Reach millions of users worldwide from the comfort of your home!

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Express Interests

Talk about your interests like music, gaming, design, love and more...

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Share Your Talents

Stream your talents and share tips for success!

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Make Money!

Earn an income from simply sharing your wonderful self with the rest of the World!


Watch LIVE Video Streams

It’s easy to register and login to watch video streams from people around the world.

Browse our streamers and find someone that looks interesting to you. To start your very own live stream, click 'GO LIVE!' and start streaming so others can watch you and engage with you.

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Make Friends

Streaming is a fun and easy way to make friends

Show your interests and talents and meet other people in a relaxed and entertaining environment. Watching streamers is a great way to learn more about them and have something to talk about - connect with streamers and make new friends.

smooch live


Stream LIVE and Earn Money

Streaming is a fun and easy way to make money.

By streaming live regularly you will build up fans and admirers who view your streams. Each time a viewer sends you a virtual gift you'll earn diamonds. These diamonds can be cashed in for credits (so you can send gifts to others) OR for real money to pay yourself or others. Earn real money by talking about what you love.